Relieve Muscle Stress:To use on in every single place the body to relive your muscle tension from sore neck, shoulders, back, legs。We are confident that you’re going to love this Massage experience。
Waterproof and Slightly Vibration: This massager is 100% waterproof. So as to easily to clean your massager with wet wipes or water. The vibration noise is around 50db.
Different speeds and Vibration patterns: This massager has 8 different speeds and 20 vibration patterns, allowing you to make a choice your favorite setting.
Rechargeable: Lasting 3.5 hours of use for one charge. Convenient so that you can use anywhere you wish to have it.
After-Sale Service: Feel free to contact us when you have any question for the product, We will be able to provide the best we will be able to to serve you!