LATEST 2019 Magic Wand PLUS – Iconic Therapeutic Personal Massager With Built-In Speed Controller ~ Comes with instruction book on usage. Features: – 4 powerful speeds: Level 1 at approx. 2,700 rpm, Level 2 at approx. 3,800 rpm, Level 3 at approx. 5,400 rpm, and Level 4 at approx. 6,300 rpm. – Electric (DC) operation for constant power. – Spongy Spherical Head. – Flexible neck. Power cord length is approx. 72 inches / 6 feet. Four-stage (four speeds) controller that may be situated conveniently on the center of the personal massager. From a High of approx. 6,300 rpm to a Low of approx. 2,700 rpm. Magic Wand Plus is designed with built-in overheat protection which mechanically shuts off the massager after approximately 20 minutes of continuous usage to prevent overheating in addition to toughen massager’s reliability over the years. We respect every customer’s request for discretion and privacy. All products are pre-packaged in opaque poly bag.

Includes Free IntiMD Active Personal Trigger Pin Point Massager
No more unsightly and costly speed controller. The Magic Wand PLUS has built-in 4-level speed regulate.
Detachable AC adapter. Length of the adapter is approximately 6 feet.
Built-in Over Heat Protection system will limit continuous use of the personal massager to 20 minutes to verify years of worry-free operation.

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