【SMART KEGEL EXERCISER】Kegel exercise, often referred to as pelvic-floor exercise, involves repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor, FOLOVE Kegel ball is specially designed for women who want to do Kegel exercise, for several minutes at a time and it’ll have an effect after several weeks.
【APP and MANUAL CONTROL】The Kegel weights has 4 manual modes and 8 APP modes, it gets more powerful than the previous gear in manual mode, simply press the dolphin tail switch to select the mode which suits you best. Our APP has 8 different modes to select and also you’ll be able to add friends to sign up for you. Share your mode with your friend and download others’ mode from the cloud to have more fun.
【SAFE MATERIAL and IPX7 WATERPROOF】FOLOVE Kegel exerciser use food grade protected silicone, super soft touch feel, protected and comfortable to use. With all round seamless and IPX7 waterproof technology give you a great the usage of experience, easy to clean and help stay healthy.
【DOCTOR RECOMMENDED】 FOLOVE Kegel exerciser ball is among the finest pelvic floor exerciser for your bladder regulate.15 minutes a day and just a few short weeks or one month later you can have stronger & tighter pelvic muscles, saves time and money to go to the hospital for pelvic floor muscle recovery.
【UPGRADED VERSION and STABLE BLUETOOTH CONNECTION】 We apply the latest technology on FOLOVE Kegel exerciser to ensure the best suing experience. Wireless APP regulate on the phone. Ergonomically designed appearance just like a small cute dolphin. Latest technology and most upgraded version kegel weights make a more stable connection compared with other low versions.