How To Use Anal Beads For A Prostate Orgasm?

How To Use Anal Beads For A Prostate Orgasm

Not many people are aware that they can extend and intensify their male partner’s pleasure with prostate stimulation. And that is a shame because you, and of course he, is seriously missing out on some fun!

Yes, of course, penile orgasms are fantastic, but men’s pleasure does not stop there. Men have a mysterious organ that when it is stimulated with anal beads, an anal plug, or even a prostate massager can result in an amazing full-body orgasm that goes beyond the expectation of what male pleasure usually means. 

If you truly want to please your man, get to know the prostate. It’s a walnut-sized gland that has the duty of producing part of the fluid that makes up semen. More often than not, the prostate is also known as the “male G-spot” because it brings on an intense and unique climax when properly stimulated.

If you want to learn more about the prostate, stick around and keep on reading our tips and tricks to stimulating it for the ultimate prostate orgasm. 

Do Just Men Have A Prostate?

Well, technically speaking anyone that has a penis usually has a prostate. Nevertheless, there are some trans women and non-binary individuals that do as well. However, if you are starting to feel slightly confused, stay rest assured that people with uterus’s do not have prostates. Still, the prostate is similar to the female G-spot in the way it is located so far inside the body, what type of stimulation it usually responds well to, and the kind of toys that are best suited to access it. 

Who Can Perform A Prostate Orgasm? 

Essentially anyone with a prostate that’s who! Although there is a misconception that anal play is only for gay men, anyone with a prostate can enjoy this type of stimulation no matter their sexual orientation or relationship status. You won’t “turn gay” just by playing with your prostate, just like you won’t become Japanese eating tons of sushi. Keep in mind that the prostate is a gland, and it does not define sexual preference.

On the same level, any gender or orientation can, and usually do provide prostate stimulation for their partners. Even though prostate stimulation is usually thought of as something only older men do because their doctors advise them to do so to maintain their prostate health. However, prostate stimulation can be fun too!

Where Is The Prostate? 

The first question everyone has when they are about to have prostate play is where the prostate, or in cuter terms, the P-spot really is. Even though you can’t see it with the naked eye, we promise that it isn’t difficult to find the prostate inside the body. There are two methods of doing it. 

How To Find The Prostate Internally? 

To find the prostate, you have to enter through the rectum.  The prostate is located around 3 to 4 inches up inside the rectum, just below the bladder. It’s around an inch wide and usually feels like a soft walnut or firm with a slight give like a ripe plum. 

Normally, the prostate has a recognizable texture from the rest of the rectum, so you should be able to tell it apart, particularly when the person is aroused. When a person is aroused, the prostate begins to enlarge with blood and fluid that it discharges during ejaculation, making it larger, firmer, and more apparent to the touch. 

How To Find The Prostate Externally? 

Getting to the prostate externally is a less direct way and does not require sex toys such as anal beads to do it. It’s good for those who are not yet ready for anal penetration. 

To locate it, press softly upward the perineum, which is the area between the anus and the testicles until you sense a firm bulge. If you don’t feel it immediately, talk to your partner to check whether you can use a firmer touch. When you feel it through the perineum, you can stroke it with your fingers from the outside. 

How Do You Have A Prostate Orgasm? 

Discuss And Get The Go-Ahead

Although there are many people who love prostate play, it isn’t for everybody. So, this isn’t something you should surprise your partner with at all! That’s why it’s important to talk to your partner about it first before you stick your finger or anal beads into their bum. 

Get Prepared

A big factor in having a prostate orgasm is relaxation. To relax you need to know you have taken all the necessary measures so prostate play happens safely, comfortably, and without any unwanted mess. 

In a nutshell, you might want to douche beforehand. Some people might have a good idea of the cleanliness of their rectums, most of us haven’t got a clue if it’s a safe space down there or not. 

When you aren’t sure, it’s a good idea to have a quick douche or household enema before you start prostate play. This will help to flush the rectum of any unwanted contents so you can focus on pleasing the rectum and not with what might come out!

Get Warmed Up

The anus and rectum have to be relaxed to enjoy prostate pleasure. If a person is nervous or uncomfortable , their anal sphincter usually gets tighter, which makes penetration painful. 

Do some sensual body massage, and some foreplay on erogenous zones such as the nipples, necks, and genitals, before moving towards the buttocks. 

Get Out The Lube

You must keep in mind that the rectum and anus do not self-lubricate, so it’s all up to you. Lubrication is vital for any penetrative anal play since it helps to protect the sensitive tissues in the area from tearing and gives a much-needed buffer for better comfort and pleasure. 

Just Do It!

Now it all depends on whether you want to use your fingers, a toy, or a penis to stimulate the prostate. Whatever you are using, make sure to insert it into the anus slowly and stop once it’s 3 inches inside. If you are using a sex toy with a curved head, put it in so the curve is facing frontwards. The curve should naturally fit around the prostate or should put some pressure on it. 

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