LIFE SIZE INFLATABLE DOLL – The blow-up doll turns to life size after inflated. Suit yourself to customize it by doing makeover or dressing it up. Inflated Size:5’7″.
INFLATABLE DECORATIONS – Blowup doll is perfect for use as decorations in numerous occasions. It may be an excellent addition as an inflatable party decoration for each party theme.
GREAT PRANKS IDEA – Blow-up doll is best for the pranks as funny or creepy doll. As this can be a life size doll, with a little creativity it is possible for you to to easily pull best pranks.
GREAT IDEAL FOR BACHELORETTE PARTY – To enjoy the bachelorette party at its fullest, take the blow-up doll out with you. It’ll be probably the most hilarious parts of that Bachelorette Party.
HILARIOUS GIFT – Whether you want to make fun of your friend by pulling a prank on their birthday or other events by giving them a ridiculous gift, look no further, this blow-up doll will get the job done.Throw Him Out of the House