​​SMOOTH PVC ANAL BEADS FOR FIRST-TIME ANAL PLAY: Enjoy some thrilling sensations by experimenting with these beginner friendly anal beads, and discover the fun of anal play. Worthy of any toy collection, these universal beads can also be enjoyed by someone, be it all over solo play, foreplay or sex.
6 GRADUATED BEADS OFFER FLUCTUATING SENSATION ON INSERTION AND REMOVAL: The beads start small in size and grow to only 3 inches in girth, offering a gentle and pleasurable introduction to anal play for beginners.
ERGONOMIC FINGER LOOP KEEPS PLAY SAFE AND SECURE: Slide the beads inside for a thrillingly full sensation, then add a new dimension on your climaxes by sliding them out with the assistance of the sturdy, ergonomic finger loop.
FIRM-YET FLEXIBLE TO FIT YOUR INNER CONTOURS PERFECTLY: Made of flexible PVC, these smooth beads easily shape to the contours of your body, ensuring maximum comfort and pleasure.
INSERTABLE LENGTH: 6 INCHES: With a beginner friendly length of 6 inches, understand that for pleasurable insertion and removal to make use of with a generous coating of Lovehoney water-based anal lubricant. *Discreet delivery guaranteed!