List of Top Riding Crops for Erotic Spanking

List of Top Riding Crops for Erotic Spanking

When you’re ready to go on the BDSM adventure of a lifetime, you need to choose the right toys. A riding crop isn’t just for jockeys 👀. It’s a great way to establish a Dom/Sub relationship in the bedroom.

With the right riding crop, you can crack the whip in the most exciting ways 😍. As soon as the crop is brought out for play, it can bring a smile to the Sub.

You’ll want to explore the various ways that a crop can be used and how the ends can vary. It ensures that you get the desired effect when you pop the Sub ✨.

Why is spanking with crops is so erotic?

BDSM is erotic ❤️ in its own right because of the mystery and intrigue. It’s a bit taboo, so people feel naughty when they engage in various activities. The riding crop isn’t for the beginner, so as soon as one is out, it intensifies the anticipation and pleasure.

Realistic play

BDSM play is often about playing with the different sensations 😏. A riding crop can be as gentle or as hard as you desire. This way, you can choose to tickle the skin or hit hard enough to leave a lasting mark.

Spanking with a crop is different than a hand. The moment a toy is brought out, it adds a new sense of adventure. It leaves the Sub wondering what it’s going to feel like.

While the crop may sting, it’s often one that can be addicting, too. It offers something unique. After using one long enough, the Sub may start to crave the use of a crop on their skin 🤪.

Dom Choice

Crops are sometimes used as a form of punishment. The Dom can choose what tool is used to administer the punishment 😎. A hand may not provide the level of force that a Dom wants to exhibit, which is why they turn to a riding crop.


A riding crop becomes a more exotic form of punishment because of the many marks that it can leave 🎁🤤. In many instances, part of the punishment is not just the pain but the branding mark left behind. A Sub can wear their mark around with pride to show that they have been naughty.

One riding crop is never enough, especially when you want to keep a partner on his or her toes. The end of a crop can vary in thickness. They can also be enhanced with spikes, studs, and braids.

Makes things exciting

The goal is to keep your partner guessing. Wondering what they’ll be hit with next is exciting. You want the anticipation to be toe-curling, which means that your crops should be diverse.

Riding crops are some of the most beautiful BDSM toys you can find 🙃. They’re exotic in their appearance because of the leather, the glass, and the other high-end materials. They have come a long way from simply being a whip to help horses get up and go.

Bondage Boutique Faux Leather Crop 

 The faux leather crop from the Bondage Boutique is affordable. Made from faux leather, it’s a great crop for beginners. The leather tip allows for a great spanking.   🙉🙉

You can enjoy the 18-inch handle to get enough speed on a swing. The length also ensures it’s not too long, making it easy to travel with. The faux leather is ideal for vegans, too.

It’s not too overwhelming of a sting due to the size of the leather tip. While it might leave a mark, the sting is sweet.  

PROS:  It has a soft feel of leather, it’s compact, it offers accurate contact, it’s affordable  ❤️

CONS: It comes in a lot of plastic packaging

Lovehoney Red Heart Riding Crop 

The Red Heart riding crop is a fun toy to have because it ensures that it doesn’t look too intimidating. The flexible whip allows you to give the kind of spanking that you want. Plus, the heart is two-sided, offering both silk and leather 😍.

The heart spans three inches, ensuring that you get a slap that spreads the sensation. Whether you’re a newbie or not, you’ll love this Lovehoney riding crop because you can have diversity within a single toy.  

PROS: You get two textures, it’s high-quality, there’s a wrist strap to offer control, there’s some padding for a softer spank

CONS: The size can make it hard to store

The Motivator Leather Bondage Crop  

When you want to deliver a hard-core smack, The Motivator gets the job done with an audible sound. The split-leather surface adds texture to the smack and creates excitement with the sound that it makes.  

BDSM is all about the anticipation, and this leather bondage crop adds diversity. It can be used to create wallops, taps, and strokes to change things up. Plus, the leather handle gives you a good, solid grip so that you can deliver the punishment that you want 👍👍.

PROS: It delivers a great bite, the slapping sound is exciting, it’s beautifully crafted

CONS: The longer paddle can take some getting used to

S&M Heart Beat Crop  

The Heart Beat Crop is one of the most attractive BDSM toys you can add to your collection. If you don’t want a spanking toy to look too intimidating, this heart-shaped one is ideal. There are two sides to the crop, allowing you to choose which side to use.

With the crisscrossed satin ribbon, it’s fun for both teasing and spanking. The loop on the wrist also gives you complete control 🤗❤️.

PROS: It’s lightweight, it delivers a sweet sting, the handle is short enough to provide great control, it can leave a heart-shaped mark

CONS: Bigger than it looks

Best Bondage & Riding Crop Bundle  

You can opt for a bondage and riding crop bundle to help you get started. The Bondage 101 kit comes with a little bit of everything. You can enjoy wrist and ankle cuffs, rope, a blindfold, a black feather rose, and a wide-end riding crop.  

Whether you are looking to save money by getting everything at once or you want a beginner BDSM kit, this offers you diversity. You can explore what you like and don’t like without having to purchase anything else. It can be a great introduction to sensory play.

Any Sub will enjoy being not only restrained but also tickled, teased, and spanked. The riding crop is wide enough to deliver quite the spank. Plus, the cuffs and rope will keep the Sub in position for the entire scene 😜.

PROS: It offers diversity, it takes the guesswork out for beginners, the quality is fantastic

CONS: It’s more expensive than some of the generic kits

Can you whip yourself?

The short answer is yes .  Now, you have to ask yourself why you would do it and whether it’s beneficial. 😉

Whipping isn’t like tickling yourself, which doesn’t work. Whipping, also known as self-flagellation, is about the sting. While you will know it’s coming, you won’t know just where the whip will land or how hard it will be. 😘

When you find a riding crop with a long enough shaft, it allows you to whip yourself. The anticipation is only half the fun. The other half is the sting. You may find yourself enjoying solo BDSM for the love of the pain. 🤤

Often, you’ll want to whip yourself as a way to determine what you can handle. How hard do you like it? Before you can identify your limits with a partner, it may be something you want to figure out on your own.

There’s something erotic about whipping yourself. Just as you want a partner to deliver a forceful blow, you can deliver them on yourself. You can choose to punish yourself for anything, such as masturbating after your Dom told you not to. You can also choose to reward yourself with the sting that offers an erotic thrill. 😈😇

What is the best riding crop for beginners?  

When you get ready to use a riding crop for the first time, you need to make sure that it’s not too overwhelming. The First Time Fetish Riding Crop is ideal  👌 because it’s affordable and well-made. 👌

It’s important that you opt for something that can deliver a sting without leaving a welt. The tip is smooth and flexible. You can choose to flick it against the skin or reel back and give it a smack. 😲😎

The wood handle allows you to get a good grip. Meanwhile, the 16.5-inch long crop allows you to maintain control when you’re spanking.

This is a great option for beginners because it’s lightweight 😌. There’s nothing too dominating about the appearance, either, so no one will be intimidated when it comes out for playtime.

BDSM Safety with a Crop  

When you decide to use a riding crop, BDSM safety has to be a top concern. Talk about its use with your partner. Make sure that it isn’t a hard limit.
There are a few things to consider:

  • Discuss how hard a crop will be used ✔️
  • Start out with a lightweight crop that doesn’t have added accessories ✔️
  • Choose a crop that allows you to get a good grip ✔️
  • Make sure a crop is in good condition before play ✔️
  • Always smack on the fattiest parts of the body ✔️
  • Know what areas you need to avoid (kidneys, spine, hips, neck, etc.) ✔️
  • Check in with your partner periodically ✔️
  • Stop when the safe word is used ✔️
  • Never play with a partner who is drunk ✔️
  • Provide salve and other forms of aftercare ✔️

Although using a crop is supposed to be about punishment, it is also about kinky fun. When it stops being fun, the crop should be taken out of the equation.

Crops can lead to a Sub feeling exhausted, both physically and mentally. Both you and your partner should have a time to relax and heal after a scene is finished.

Importance of a Safe Word in BDSM  

A safe word should always be established when you get involved with BDSM. If a scene becomes too overwhelming, the Sub can use the safe word. When the safe word is heard, all play must come to a screeching halt.

A safe word should be easy to say and easy to remember. However, a safe word also shouldn’t be something that could be said in any given sexual situation. Words like, “Yes,” “No,” and “Stop” should never be safe words. Instead, choose a color or a fruit.

Talk about a safe word before each BDSM interaction. It ensures that the Dom knows what the word is and the Sub remembers what to say. 🤔❤️

Additionally, if a Sub is going to be wearing a ball gag, the safe word should be replaced with a safe gesture. This can be anything from tapping to humming to snapping. 😋

Final Thoughts  

There’s nothing quite like breaking out a riding crop for some fun in the bedroom. It can show that you’re more adventurous than your average vanilla couple. Plus, the sound of the slapping leather on a derriere can bring about a lot of sexual excitement.

As you get deeper into BDSM play, the riding crops become more exciting. Balls, spikes, split leather, and more can be added to your repertoire. You may find that you want the diversity to help add to the anticipation, too.

You should always shop for riding crops with your partner. Try out a few different designs to see what you like. You may find that spanking becomes one of your new favorite ways to get into the mood. 😍😍

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