10 Of The Best Sex Toys For Couples

There’s no reason for you to be shy about sex 🙄. When you’re with your partner, communication is important. You should have fun 😈, and you should definitely get an orgasm 💦. Bringing toys into play can ensure that this happens.

Toys should enhance not replace. With so many exciting toys on the market, you can have a drawer dedicated to kinky sex toys.

It all comes down to what you like. We’ll talk to you about some of our favorites, what you can expect, and why they can be the ultimate way to add some fun (and kink) into the bedroom 😇😘.

What are the must have top rated sex toys for couples?

Mantric Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

When it comes to wands, the  Deluxe 8x is powerful, with a total of eight speeds to choose from. Whether you use it on your partner or your partner uses it on you, it can be great fun. Plus, the added power is thanks to being able to plug into the wall. 

One of the reasons for choosing this toy is because of the high-powered clitoral stimulation you can expect ✨. Another reason is the curved shape (make it easier for a partner) which can bring about some of the strongest orgasms you’ll ever experience🚀🙈.

PROS: there are seven speeds available, waterproof, curved,  remote, it’s a powerful sex toy for solo and couple play, always gets the job done 😊 plus is 50% cheaper than magic wand

CONS: you have to plug it in and recharge, maybe noise?🙄

Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug  

Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug

There’s something to be said about combing butt play with role-playing. That’s when you need the Grey Fox Tail Anal Plug. The plastic plug slides into your anus, leaving behind what looks like a fox tail 🦊😍.

This is the kind of toy you want to bring out simply by wearing it. It’s not only fun, but it allows for endless hours of role-playing.

PROS: TPR plug is easy to clean, tapered design is ideal for beginners, tail is soft to the touch, white option, adorkable 🥰

CONS: fur can get in the way of other forms of play

You may say that bondage is a form of extreme sex toy… well…

Looking For Combination of Kinky And Fun Toys To Improve you Marriage And Sex Life…

Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit  

Looking for bondage sex experience?

Bed Restraint Kit from Adam & Eve is unique in that it allows you to be tied down to the mattress. The kit comes with restraints that go around your ankles and wrists.🙆😜

 Everything uses Velcro, so you’re never really restrained too significantly. If you ever thought about BDSM kits this is a great way to start. 🔥🔥

The webbing goes under the mattress, leaving the restrains on the outside. When playtime is over, everything can be hidden under the bed.
If you like the idea of testing out a safe word, you will want to try out this BDSM Kit. It allows you to be safely restrained, allowing your partner to have more access to you. 😅😅

PROS: kit comes with straps and blindfold, it’s easy to install, fits well on queen and king-sized beds, the restraints are comfortable, 10/10 Fun ❤️

CONS:  You pay a little more for the 50 Shades branding

Lelo Tor 2 Cock Ring 

Lelo Tor 2

Cock rings 💍😀are fun for everyone, and the Lelo Tor 2 has a few added features. 

The sophisticated vibrations allow for sensations for both the man and the woman. Plus, you can choose the vibration setting that is right for you.

The Lelo Tor 2 is perfect when you want to keep an erection going for longer. The bonus comes with the vibration that offers clitoral stimulation once the penis penetrates.

PROS: 6 vibrations settings to choose from, offers pleasure for both parties 🤔, the stretchable ring fits everyone, comes with a satin storage pouch, rechargeable, is wide enough

CONS: nothing! except the price

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator  

Mantric Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

How about a fun and kinky sex toys for couples? 😍😎

Remote-controlled panty vibrators are fun because you can hand the control to your partner. The Lovehoney mantric one is not only waterproof but designed to perfectly cradle the clitoris.

You can slide them into your panties for discreet fun. Should you want clitoral excitement sans panties, this toy can also be used.

It’s great for on the go fun. It’s also got some powerful vibration patterns so you won’t get bored ✨.

The main reason to get this is so you can have some naughty fun. Let your partner take the remote so you never know what’s coming (only who). 🤠

PROS: there are 3 speeds and 7 patterns, size is discreet as can be, USB charger, the silicone is easy to clean, waterproof, great amount of fun and something different!❤️

CONS: it’s kind of noisy, placement is very important

Married Dance Liberator Wedge/Ramp Sex Pillow  

Married Dance Liberator Wedge/Ramp Sex Pillow

Getting the right angle for penetration isn’t always easy. The Wedge Sex Pillow solves that problem. It helps with the positioning so you can enjoy even more positions. 😊🤪

The ramp allows you to reposition your hips, butt, and more without getting fatigued.

Especially when you’re tired of the missionary position, 😇this pillow is ideal. Break out the Kama Sutra and have some added fun. 😈Regardless of your flexibility level, you can try out more positions. 

How many times have you lost the climax because of being uncomfortable? 🤔

PROS: you can achieve countless positions, the cover is washable, soft microfiber feels great against the skin, foam provides support for the body, there are plus-size models

CONS: bit pricy for those on a tight budget

Rocks-Off Petite Sensations Pearls Anal Beads

Anal beads can be used for either of you. The Rocks-Off Anal Beads are small enough to help you accommodate to the stretching feel of anal penetration. Particularly when you’re new to anal sensations, this can work well.

The vibrations help to add to the fun and overall sensation of being filled.

The main reason to use the anal beads is to have some fun from behind. Men will love the prostate massage while women will love the sensation of being stretched. 😍😉

PROS: 3 speeds and 4 patterns are available, petite size is ideal for beginners, fully submersible and waterproof, silicone is soft to the touch

CONS: it’s not rechargeable (medieval sex toy – batteries)

Fleshlight – Clear Flight Aviator  

Fleshlight - Clear Flight Aviator

Transparent Fleshlight is a great for couples because it’s clear. You can see the penis inside of the toy, making it more exciting.👮‍♀️🔥 The sensual rings can be a great way to heighten the sexual experience. It’s discreet for travel, ensuring it’s a toy that can be added to any suitcase for some fun on the go.

The reason for bringing a Fleshlight into the bedroom is simple. It gives you more opportunities for play. You can use this as a tool for foreplay. It can also leave your mouth and other body parts freed up for other types of fun. 😈🤤

PROS: superskin material creates a realistic feeling, the texture adds to the pleasure, it’s fully submersible, clear design allows partner to see the action

CONS: pain to clean, you get used to the texture

Beginner Strapon and Dildo Set  

Everyone should try anal penetration at least once. Women can use the Beginner Strap-On and Dildo Set on other women as well as with a male partner. 👮‍♀️🔥🙆‍♂️

 The harness is easy to adjust. This way, you get just the right fit. After all, you want to have full control of the dildo strapped to your front. 😇

Gender reversals can be a lot of fun in the bedroom. It’s the real reason for getting a set like this. It’s fun to use and includes everything necessary to try it out.😻

PROS: easy to use, straps are adjustable, dildo isn’t too overwhelming

CONS: there’s nothing “extra” for her

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo  

njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

The njoy Pure Wand is unlike any other sex toy. You and your partner can have fun hitting the G-spot. It’s double-ended, so you can choose where it’s being placed. 🙉🙈

The medical-grade stainless steel is also great for temperature play. Heat it up or cool it down for some mind-blowing orgasms.

The top reason to choose this dildo is because of being stainless steel.😜 It offers a weight, unlike other sex toys.

It can be used vaginally and anally, offering unlimited excitement in the bedroom.  Simple and fun toy.🙃🥰

PROS: satin-lined box for storage, the weight adds to the fun, double-ended provides more uses, stainless steel construction is durable, perfect curve for all G-P-spots, my favourite

CONS: the insertable length isn’t much, abrasive cleaners can ruin the finish


It’s not enough to have a drawer full of toys. There are a few other things you’ll need, too.  

Liquid Silk Lube

Liquid Silk Lube

There’s nothing fun about going in dry. The Liquid Silk Lube ensures that everything is better down where it’s wetter. It’s also water-based, so it will work with all of your toys. It’s easy to use and ensures you don’t experience any chafing.  

PROS: it’s water-based to use for all toys, it can be used for anal penetration, there’s no smell to the product, the biostatic properties, doesn’t dry out quickly 👌

CONS: after two years of using – can’t find one but it’s out of stock a lot of the time

Lovehoney Anal Douche 

Lovehoney Anal Douche

Cleaning up your rear is important, and the Lovehoney Anal Douche makes it easy to get the job done. Especially when you’re playing with toys in that area, you need a product that cleans up. This product will ensure that you’re not hurting yourself in the name of being clean.  

PROS: it’s easy to use, contoured stem makes insertion easy, the material is sturdy and quality, holds nearly 8 ounces of water

CONS: you will have only cons when you don’t you it

Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner  

Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner

Cleaning your toys is a must to ensure that they’re not only rid of sexual juices but also ready to go the next time. The Hello Cake Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner is capable of offering a mild cleaning to toys of any material. Plus, it’s easy to use. 

I would also recommend Lelo cleaning products when this one is out of stock.

PROS: instructions are clear on how to use, nice fragrance on the cleaner, medical astringent ensure toys are clean

CONS: it’s one of the pricier toy cleaners