EASY-TO-USE DOUCHE FOR CLEAN AND ENJOYABLE BUTT PLAY: The Anal Douche is a firm favourite with lovers of anal sex, offering secure and effective cleansing to keep you and your partner squeaky clean for anal play and butt plugs.
SQUEEZABLE BULB SUCKS IN AND EXPELS WATER FOR THOROUGH CLEANING: The simple bulb ensures it is easy to reach a thorough, intimate clean, wherever and on every occasion the mood strikes! Ideal to be used prior to the usage of anal toys or anal sex.
NARROW STEM MAKES INSERTION COMFORTABLE AND EASY: Enjoy simple insertion and use, thanks to the slim nozzle and bulb body. Use this simple-yet-effective douche before anal play or sex for a clean, fresh and pleasurable experience.
BULB HOLDS UP TO 225ML OF WATER: A should-have hygiene product for any fan of anal play, this Anal Douche is made from PVC with a non-slip finish for extra grip all through use, and a 225ml bulb capacity.
INSERTABLE LENGTH: 2.5″: A little water-based anal lube on the nozzle gives extra flow all through insertion and a tiny wiggle of your bottom to adjust the angle of your body for a comfortable fit will have you douching with effective ease very quickly. *Discreet delivery guaranteed!