Premature Ejaculation Pills 101: Find 4 Brands We Recommend This Year

Premature Ejaculation Pills 101: Find 4 Brands We Recommend This Year

Many guys across the world deal with premature ejaculation. This problem can be frustrating and disheartening, causing self-doubt and insecurity.

Thankfully, the internet makes it easier than ever to address this problem from the comfort of your own home.

Premature ejaculation pills can help you last longer in bed and restore your confidence.

I’ll cover some things to keep in mind before ordering over the counter premature ejaculation supplements. Then I’ll go over some of the best options available on the market right now.

This will help you regain your personal power and feel in control of your sexual capabilities.

Our Pick:

Prosolution Plus

After extensive research, our experts recommend this natural enhancement system for anyone interested in enlarging their penis size.

Prosolution Plus

What are Premature Ejaculation (PE) Pills?

PE pills help men extend sexual pleasure, last longer in bed, and satisfy their partners. Most options can improve your erections, give you more satisfying orgasms, and even improve energy levels.

Here’s the deal:

Users commonly report that male enhancement pills allow them to achieve more stamina in bed. If you want to give your partner an all-night marathon, it’s definitely worth considering.

From prescription medications to chemical-based supplements and natural options, you have plenty of choices to consider. Let’s go over some points to keep in mind before you decide which product to try.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Premature ejaculation is a very common issue that affects almost 40 percent of guys. This problem can have various causes, whether it’s stress or simply the pressures of getting older.

By adding premature ejaculation supplements to your daily routine, you can enjoy fulfilling intimacy and feel better about yourself.

Not only will they help practically with delaying orgasm, but you’ll also restore your confidence.

Learn more about premature ejaculation in our guide to last longer in bed.

What to Expect from These Supplements

Over the counter premature ejaculation pills use a unique blend of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins to address sexual dysfunction.

While specific results and ingredients vary across manufacturers, most supplements will help with the following:

  • Stronger Libido: Pleasurable and satisfying orgasms require a healthy and strong sexual drive. Most premature ejaculation products improve testosterone levels in the body to target these issues.
  • Increased Blood Flow: Premature ejaculation supplements can encourage blood vessel dilation. Since blood flow is essential for achieving an erection, this simple factor can change your sexual function completely!
  • Better Orgasms: Who doesn’t want to have more satisfying orgasms? Supplements for premature ejaculation increase longevity and pleasure to give you more explosive climaxes.
  • Controlled Climaxes: Lots of guys are frustrated because they can’t seem to control their ejaculation. By adding a male enhancement supplement to your routine, you can take back the reigns and decide when to orgasm.
  • More Energy, Less Anxiety: Most premature ejaculation pills offer ingredients that help reduce anxiety. Not only will you experience improvements in the sack, but you should also enjoy a noticeable life in mood and energy levels.

Pills to help you last longer in bed are useful for guys who have erectile dysfunction. But even guys who have never had problems in this area try them with great success.

Carefully consider what you’re looking for in a premature ejaculation supplement. That way, you’ll know what to expect.

Keep in mind:

If you have any heart issues or already take medications, ask your doctor before you buy.


You’ll find a variety of male enhancement drugs on the market in a wide range of prices. Before you choose one, think about how much you’re willing to shell out.

Remember that these supplements only work for as long as you’re taking them. Their benefits rely on a steady supply of ingredients in your system.

So, if you want to continue seeing improvements, you’ll have to keep taking the pills.

If you plan to take the supplements for an extended amount of time, make sure you look at bundle discounts. Many companies will offer a price break if you’re willing to buy in bulk.

Most companies offer some kind of money-back guarantee. This makes it low-risk to try.

User Reviews

The age of the internet makes it easier than ever to get the full scoop on any product you’re interested in. One reliable way to find out what to expect from a pill is to check user reviews online.

See what other guys have to say about how long the formula takes to work, any potential side effects, and more.

Safety/Side Effects

You should always keep your safety in mind when it comes to any new supplements. Needless to say, it’s best to follow manufacturer instructions for dosage.

Carefully check the ingredients list to make sure you aren’t allergic to anything in the pills before you buy them.

If you notice any side effects, stop taking the supplements right away. Consult your doctor before continuing.

All in all, however, most guys can take premature ejaculation supplements with no downsides.

Chemical vs. Natural Solutions

Upon researching various premature ejaculation pills, you’ll notice that some use chemical ingredients and others stick to a natural formula.


For some guys, results matter more than ingredients. Others will be more comfortable sticking with herbal formulas. Herbal supplements tend to come with fewer side effects and don’t require a prescription.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to this as it’s all about your preference. So, take some time and think about what you’re most comfortable with.

Premature Ejaculation Supplement Types

There are a few categories of PE pills that can help you prolong sex and gain more control over your orgasms. Let’s look at these below:


Prescription antidepressants are typically given for psychological conditions like depression. However, even guys who don’t suffer psychological issues can use them for premature ejaculation.

Prescription antidepressants have been shown to help delay climax for at least a few minutes. The obvious downside to this route is, of course, needing a prescription.

Fortunately, there are plenty of over-the-counter premature ejaculation pills for guys who would rather not have that extra step.

Prescription Male Enhancement

Prescription erectile dysfunction pills can also help with delaying ejaculation. Usually, these are chemically based rather than herbal.

Natural Supplements for PE

Last, we have natural supplements to address premature ejaculation. These products use a range of herbal remedies to improve longevity, increase energy, and give you more control in bed.

The main advantage of going this route is that you don’t need a prescription. No doctor visit is required to regain your sexual confidence.

The supplements we will cover later on all fall into this category.

Is There a Permanent Fix for Premature Ejaculation?

As mentioned, to continue getting benefits from these supplements, you’ll have to keep taking them.

However, experiencing freedom from premature ejaculation can give you permanent confidence.

Since orgasming too early is usually related to over-excitement, this new level of confidence can help you long after you stop taking the pills.

Where to Buy Premature Ejaculation Pills

The last thing to consider with male enhancement supplements is where to buy them.

While you’ll find no shortage of third-party websites happy to sell you these pills, it’s always best to go straight to the manufacturer’s site.

This will ensure you get the money-back guarantee (if needed and applicable) and the best quality possible.

The Top 4 PE Supplements Available Online

Below I’ll cover 4 of the best options on the market:

ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus

ProSolution Plus is a good solution for guys who want more enjoyment in bed, a higher sex drive, and help controlling ejaculation. One of the main benefits of this formula is its natural ingredient list.

Here’s the deal:

Formulated with herbal ingredients that have helped treat sexual issues throughout history, ProSolution Plus includes Asian herbals, minerals, and more.

Most men find that they experience fewer side effects with natural male enhancement supplements. Plus, herbal formulas have the benefit of being available “over the counter” (no prescription necessary).

Using ProSolution Plus regularly will allow you to enjoy spontaneous sexual encounters. It works to give you higher quality erections, longer-lasting boners, and reduces premature ejaculation.

Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or simply want help controlling your climax, this product can help.

In addition, ProSolution Plus can improve your sexual metabolism, reduce stress and anxiety, and boost your vitality. Keep in mind that this product works gradually to improve your sexual function. It’s not a quick fix!

Results are guaranteed with ProSolution Plus, and the manufacturer provides a risk-free trial to set your mind at ease.


  • Increases libido and improves mood
  • Provides stronger erections
  • Better control over orgasms


  • Only available online
  • Expensive

Learn more about ProSolution Plus and find out if it’s right for you.



Viasil is a reliable male enhancement supplement that addresses erectile dysfunction and also helps with premature ejaculation. This product uses a 100 percent natural formula to help you perform at your best in bed.

Rather than using synthetic chemicals, Viasil manufacturers have formulated this product with Ginkgo Biloba, Zinc, Pomegranate, and other herbs.

If you prefer to trust nature when it comes to pills, it might be the right option for you. Viasil works by improving circulation and blood flow, which causes more oxygenated blood to fill the erectile tissues.

This allows you to get aroused more easily and achieve stronger, larger, longer-lasting boners. Since the formula is all natural, it comes with no known side effects.

However, everyone is unique and you won’t know for sure how it will affect you until you try it. If you have any doubts about whether Viasil is safe for you, ask your doctor.

One of the main advantages of choosing Viasil is their 100-day money back guarantee. This allows you to try the product virtually risk free.

Like other male enhancement supplements, you have to keep taking Viasil to continue seeing results.

Don’t forget:

It’s always best to buy premature ejaculation pills straight from the official source.


  • Harder, longer-lasting erections
  • Better control over orgasms
  • Better performance in bed
  • Improved energy levels
  • 100-day guarantee


  • Only works for as long as you take it
  • Might interact with medications

Click here to learn more about Viasil.

Male Extra

Male Extra

Male Extra uses scientifically selected ingredients that help expand the blood vessels in your penis. With more blood in this area, your erections become larger, harder, and longer-lasting.

What makes Male Extra effective for premature ejaculation is L-methionine. This essential amino acid lowers the histamine levels in your body, which can help you delay ejaculation.

The formula also utilizes Zinc, which increases libido and testosterone levels. The results include more intense climaxes, stronger erections, a higher sex drive, and more satisfaction for your partner.

The ingredients in Male Extra also increase stamina and delay fatigue. This will help you give your partner what she deserves in bed and keep her coming back for more.

One order of Male Extra includes a one-month supply of 90 capsules. To achieve optimal results and avoid risk of side effects, always take the recommended amount. It’s best to take these pills with a meal.

You can expect to start noticing benefits within just a few weeks of adding this supplement to your daily routine. You’ll get better results the longer you take it.

Male Extra offers 24-hour customer support over email and phone.


  • Uses scientifically proven ingredients
  • Suitable for men of all ages
  • No prescription necessary
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


  • Can only be purchased from official site
  • Site doesn’t include user reviews
  • Results vary between people

Go straight to the source to order Male Extra and enjoy more control.

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus is made by Leading Edge Health, a well-renowned supplement manufacturer. Epimedium Leaf Extract and Asian Red Ginseng are two of the ingredients used in the formula.

Using herbs, the formula helps you relax while also regulating muscle contraction and blood pressure. All of these factors are essential when it comes to delaying orgasm.

VigRX Plus helps encourage more blood flow to the genital region, promotes testosterone production, and more. It typically takes between 30 and 60 days to see results, although this varies from person to person.

This supplement has been put through several tests to prove its efficacy and is made in FDA-approved conditions. Plus, natural ingredients are far less likely to cause side effects.

You’ll find discount deals on the VigRX Plus manufacturer website. You can save significantly by purchasing in bulk.


  • Stronger, more satisfying orgasms
  • Uses all-natural ingredients
  • Longer-lasting erections
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Improves sex drive


  • Some users report headaches
  • Can take a while to work

Find out whether VigRX Plus is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Ready to Take the Next Step?

A high-quality premature ejaculation supplement should not only help you delay orgasm, but enjoy better climaxes and harder erections. Preferably, you’ll see results fairly quickly after taking it.

Considering these standards, ProSolution Plus is our favorite option for pills to make you last longer in bed. While we also like the other options on the list, we especially like ProSolution Plus for its mood boosting properties.

Why not choose a supplement that helps you feel better both inside and outside the bedroom?

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