Perfect Lube For Smooth Love — Adorime water-based lubricant is formulated especially for women and men to reduce Private Parts dryness and friction to be able to have smooth and comfortable love activities. Surprise her with Adorime lube, you’ll be able to go this far and even further.
Skin-friendly Ingredients — Adorime lubricant adopts natural ingredients like water, glycerol and other green materials for its manufacture. This body-protected lube could also be suitable for people with sensitive skin. Capacity: 240ML (8 Oz)
Long Lasting Formula — This water-based lubricant is made clear, odorless, non-sticky, most importantly it is long lasting to bring wetness to all your love process. This lubrication method is non-polluting and paraben-free, you’ll be able to wash it off easily.
Condom & Toy Compatible — Water-based lubricant unlike silicone-based lube, you’ll be able to apply this to your silicone toy without worrying that it might ruin your toy. Of course, Adorime lubricant is compatible with condom, go on loving with courage!
Discreet Shipping — We designed discreet package with no product description but logo that will help you steer clear of the imaginable embarrassed moment. Please feel free to contact us when you’ve got any questions about this product.