POCKET SIZED ORAL SEX STIMULATOR: A pocket-sized clitoral vibrator with insane power, the Sqweel Go will lick your clitoris into an orgasmic frenzy. USB rechargeable, oral sex simulation is yours every time you please.
A WHEEL OF 10 MINI SILICONE TONGUES TO LICK AND CARESS YOUR CLITORIS: Featuring a rotating wheel of 10 silicone tongues and 6 speeds and patterns, achieve for the water-based lube, give the eager-to-please, flexible tongues a generous coating of the great things and get ready for lift-off.
3 POWERFUL SPEEDS AND 3 PATTERNS: LIGHT SHUDDERS, INTENSE PULSATIONS, FAST LICKS: Oral sex with the thrilling addition of 3 powerful speeds and 3 patterns of vibration, plus 10 tongues that never stop is all yours, on tap. Use for your clitoris, and anywhere else you like to be licked, including your nipples, perineum or anus.
USB RECHARGEABLE: CHARGE FOR 2 HOURS FOR 1 HOUR OF PLAY TIME: USB rechargeable for pleasure that does not run out of power, simply plug your Sqweel Go into your laptop, computer or USB mains plug and charge for 2 hours for as much as 1 hour of play.
100% WATERPROOF: SUBMERSIBLE: This sensational pocket-sized vibe is 100% water-resistant, making it ideal for the use of within the shower, enhancing bathtime, and other fun aquatic adventures. Discreet delivery guaranteed.

The Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator is merger of 2 of the greatest inventions of all time – The wheel and SEX! Although, rather than moving a vehicle along like a typical wheel this one spins 10 tongues at 3 different speeds.

This is a pretty new invention in the sex toy realm, mostly for clitoral stimulation we’re limited to clitoral vibrators, but this is something completely different and actually simulates oral sex.

The Lowdown

Housed in a black compartment made of soft plastic are the tongues which are made of silicone and can be easily removed for cleaning of both the tongues and the housing. It takes AAA batteries which is a bit of an annoyance as all I had laying around the house and in other toys was AA batteries, but no biggie, a quick trip to the store sorted that out.

It costs around $65 which, compared to other clitoral vibrators, could be seen as slightly expensive. But as I said before, this isn’t quite like other toys you may have used.

I really like the fact that this can be used either on your own or with a partner and it can give them a much needed break so no more lockjaw!

How Does It Perform?

Surprisingly well, would be the answer to that question. At first glance the idea of this sex toy seems a bit ‘gimmicky’, but once you get to use it you realize it really does perform to the level it’s manufacturers claim it does.

At first it’s a little difficult to find the right position to hold it in. I’m sure it will be different for most everybody, but I found holding it straight up with the tongues facing upwards was the most satisfying position. Trying to move it around whilst the tongues were moving got uncomfortable at times because of the edges, but after finding the perfect position it was just a matter of enjoying it.

It’s nice to start off with it on the low setting then gradually move up to the medium and high settings to increase the intensity as you come closer to orgasm. Turning the tongues upside down was also quite stimulating and a rather ‘different’ experience.

You need to be careful of how you hold it whilst the tongues are rotating as I got my fingers in the way a couple of times. It wasn’t painful, but it was annoying having the toy stop when you’re just getting into it. Particularly long pubic hair might also be an issue.