BEGINNER-FRIENDLY PENIS PUMP TO POTENTIALLY INCREASE YOUR SIZE AND STAMINA: With regular use, a penis pump assist you to increase the length and girth of your penis. Improved blood drift means improved penis growth, staying power and intensity of climaxes.
CLEAR CHAMBER ALLOWS YOU TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR SIZE AS YOU PUMP: Effective and easy to use, slide your penis into the penis pumps chamber and watch the vacuum draw blood into your erection, which can make it bigger and stronger for longer.
FLEXIBLE HOSE AND BULB PUMP FOR USE IN ANY POSITION: Coat the opening of the penis enlarger with a generous splash of water-based lubricant, insert your penis and pump the bulb until you’ll feel a tightening around your member.
EASY-GRIP BULB FOR CONTROL OF PUMPING AND EASY RELEASE: Enjoy the sensational feeling as the suction increases with each and every pump of the textured easy-grip bulb, and whilst you’re in a position press the quick release button at the top of the bulb at the enlarger pump to release the pressure.
INTERNAL LENGTH: 7.5 INCHES (RESULTS MAY VARY): For best results, use this male vacuum pump for 30 minutes per day with a break each and every 10 minutes. If pumping ceaselessly, we recommend moisturising after each and every use to keep away from dryness.