SET OF 3 STRETCHY COCK RINGS BOOST YOUR SEXUAL STAMINA (RESULTS MAY VARY): Stretchy and flexible, this 3 pack of cock rings are designed to help beef up erections and optimise staying power. No guarantees, as results may vary, but we think you’ll like them.
SMOOTH NUBS ON EACH RING STIMULATE PARTNER DURING PENETRATION: These cock rings each feature raised nodules and bumps for heightened sensation, and for adding clitoral or perineal stimulation all the way through penetrative sex.
WEAR IN DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS FOR PLEASURABLE CONSTRICTION: Apply a good squeeze of water-based lube to yourself and the inner surface of your chosen cock ring and slide it to the base of your penis.
STRETCHY AND FLEXIBLE TO FIT MOST AND CAN BE USED AGAIN AND AGAIN: As you grow to be harder, you’ll be able to experience gentle pressure and will have to notice that your erection is bigger and stronger than usual. Stretchy and flexible, penis rings will fit most men and can be utilized over and over again.
WATERPROOF:SUBMERSIBLE: Great for the bedroom, and you’ll also enjoy your cock rings in the toilet. Ideal to be used in the shower or bath, enjoy aquatic exploits and adventures with these couples sex toys 100% water submersible design. *Discreet delivery guaranteed!