This dual-purpose, water-based moisturizer is perfect to be used with your LELO products, your partner, or for enhanced sensations that add extra smoothness on your routine. Specially formulated to suit each moment, LELO personal Moisturizer is paraben-free, glycerin-free, and fragrance-free for comfortable use with all LELO devices. Its long-lasting, body-secure formula is enriched with aloe vera to offer non-greasy, non-staining lubrication when needed most.

LUXURY AND TENDERNESS – this water based lubricant for women gives you a luxurious sensation that complements a solo or partnered experience with the body-secure ingredients
WATER-BASED LUBRICANT FOR COUPLES – this improbable product, water-based moisturizer is for secure use with silicone massagers and latex – you’ll use it safely with all LELO products
COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND – LELO Personal Moisturizer uses an unscented, glycerine and paraben-free formula for total peace of mind and relaxation
ENRICHED WITH ALOE VERA – this personal moisturizer and lubricant is pH balanced and fortified with aloe vera for a gentle feel and long-lasting moisture all over your play time
NON-STAINING FINISH – thanks to careful preparation and manufacturing, Personal Moisturizer has a non-greasy, non-staining finish secure to your skin or fabrics