HUGO is a powerful remote-controlled sex toy for men made by LELO with a mission to provide you with a chance to experience a new type of intimate satisfaction. USB-rechargeable and completely waterproof, this sleek pleasure object deeply stimulates your prostate, at the same time as a secondary motor in the base stimulates the perineum for an absolutely overwhelming experience. Insert HUGO, breathing deeply until it’s comfortably within you, making sure the flared base sits comfortably outside. Power through the settings until you’ve found the perfect intensity. Enjoy a longer and more powerful climax. To keep your device clean, use LELO Premium Cleaning Spray. If the spray is not to be had, use lukewarm water and mild soap. Use the LELO water-based personal moisturizer to provides you with extra lubrication and smoothness at the same time as you enjoy yourself, simply click “”add accessory to cart”” in the buybox or search for it in our LELO Amazon store. HUGO has a diameter of 32.5 mm / 1.28 in. and it comes with both a 1-year warraty and 10-year quality guarantee.

MAX POWER – HUGO is a powerful remote regulate vibrator, made from waterproof silicone and designed for men who in reality have in mind the power of personal pleasure
WIRELESS CONTROL – HUGO anal plug will also be activated from up to 12 meters with LELO’s trademark motion-sensitive controller, with 6 settings opening up endless possibilities for couples
2 STRONG MOTORS – butt plug has 1 motor for the prostate, another in the ‘base’ for the perineum, and will overwhelm you with sensations at the same time as you explore 6 different vibration settings at the touch of a button
PERFECTLY SHAPED – prostate toy is designed to stay in place at the same time as stimulating the prostate, HUGO’s size, shape, and performance will provide you with a mind-blowing pleasure experience
GENTLEMAN’S CHOICE – made from smooth, body-protected silicone that LELO is famous for, HUGO sex toy for men comes with a 1-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee