This Plush Handcuffs made of 410 steel , Secure to Body . All our materials are Nickel free .

Soft Handcuffs Easy to Use .Every toy handcuff comes with two keys,Insert the important thing into the keyhole and turn it gently to the right to open the handcuffs.
Handcuffs for Adult Top of the range Red fur,Secure and comfortable ,it is made of pure steel (18/0) environmental friendly material, Electroless plating, It’s more environmentally friendly and Secure to us.
Bondage Kit Handcuffs Diameter 2.1inch ,Adjustable to 2.75 inch
Hand Cuffs& Holders Sex Furry1 pair Fur handcuffs with 2 pcs Key
Adult Handcuffs Two how one can unlock,Even supposing the bottom line is lost, it may be opened with a safety device.