ADVANCED DESIGN | A High Quality Masturbation Device that is an Exact Replica of Fleshlight Girl Joanna Angel’s Vagina. Since her debut in the early 2000s, Angel starred in more than 130 flicks, including “Cindy Queen of Hell,” “Bikini Babes Are…Shark Bait,” and “Joanna Angel: Kinky Fantasies.” She also developed a reputation for her sense of humor after starring in a series of parody films. She starred in “The Walking Dead: A Hardcore Parody” as Lori.
IMPROVE | Fleshlight men’s sex toys can be utilized for both pleasure and to increase sexual performance and stamina. They are able to help to put you in keep watch over of Premature Ejaculation and most often give a boost to your sex life.
MISFIT | You are going to love her texture inspired by punk-rock, bondage and her plethora of tattoos, the Misfit texture will take you on a wild ride. Push past four micro-ribs to enter a lotus node full of teeth, bumps, and nubs. Next, a wonder wave chamber narrows into a wavy canal unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
STRONG SUCTION | Tighten and Loosen the Special End-cap to keep watch over suction for Added Realism. Try a Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer to take it to the next sensual level! Way more discreet than a sex doll.
ANGEL | Referred to as one of the crucial founders of alt porn, Joanna Angel loves doing the unexpected and believes in keeping her fans on their toes. After watching the popularity of the Suicide Girls grow, she made up our minds that she could do something similar and something better. She launched her own website called Burning Angel that showed her amazing tattoos and a great body as she engaged in fun with both women and men. Now she is back with her own team of dark angels.

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