❤ Revel in The enjoyment never before
Product Specifications:
Type: Eñlārgě Pǚmp
Power: USB charging
Material: ABS + Silicon+ PVC
Features: detachable design, precise scale, protected and environmentally friendly, add features.
Note: Clean the product before and after use.Warning: Keep dry and keep in a secret place away from children.

This penis pump is designed to generate vacuum pressure, which promotes the blood filling the cavernosum and increase your size and confidence without dangerous medications or expensive surgeries
Easy operation with 2 buttons, Advanced automatic penis pump designed to effectively generate suction and release pressure.
With 3 different levels to make a choice from, you’ll be able to work your way as much as probably the most intense suction in your desired satisfaction with the penis enlargement pump.
Rechargeable battery capacity is 2000mah which can also be recharged by USB devices, such as power bank, laptop, computer, mobile phone adapter.