Color:Large Set – Green, Blue, Violet

BioMoi Silicone Vaginal Trainers with BioCote Protection

At BioMoi, we are committed to helping women regain keep watch over, comfort, and functionality. Our products are available for at-home use, delivering the help you want to your doorstep.

These premium products are made with protected, platinum grade silicone materials relatively than conventionally used plastic for your health and peace of mind. We provide detailed instructions for independent use, ensuring you’ll provide yourself with protected, quality care.


  • High-Quality Silicone Materals
  • Product Bag
  • 3 Increasing Sizes:
    Size 4: 1.13″ x 4.38″ x 3.55″ / Size 5: 1.23″ x 5.28″ x 4.08″ / Size 6: 1.43″ x 5.77″ x 4.48″

    Many events in a woman’s life have a profound have an effect on on their health and comfort, from childbirth to menopause.

    BioMoi’s vision is to provide women with the best quality of vaginal dilators available on the market. BioMoi has deliberately specified dilators made of US Platinum silicone designed to offer a smooth go with the flow. The design and material have been carefully chosen to help women reclaim the right to her body and her health. In addition, BioMoi’s silicone vaginal dilator sets come in quite a few sizes to complement each women’s body and therapy for vaginal tightness and pelvic discomfort.

    BioMoi are in partnership with BioCote, combining expertise to provide vaginal dilator technology that reduces over 99% of material that can cause odors and staining on the BioMoi dilators. It does not leach, wash off or wear away, but will provide lasting protection for the expected lifetime of the vaginal dilators. This added level of protection makes the best choice for women looking to reclaim their lives.

PROFESSIONALLY RECOMMENDED – Vaginal dilators are recommended as a helpful dilation therapy method by experts in the field of women’s health.
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS – Our product is made with platinum grade silicone materials relatively than commercially used plastic. We design our dilators to ensure ultimate cleanliness for your wellness and peace of mind.
SIZE VARIETY – Our set includes three increasing sizes to provide gentle, non-invasive remedy for women. This product is easy to use and designed to help maintain your normal, natural function.
RESTORES COMFORT – BioMoi is committed to helping women regain keep watch over and reduce discomfort caused by quite a few reasons as the body matures.
AT-HOME REMEDY – This independent therapy method assists women to safely manage, protect, and reclaim healthy function from the comfort of home. Our kits come with detailed directions for protected self-application.