4 Penis Extenders to Consider

4 Penis Extenders to Consider

Most guys are at least a little interested in having a bigger penis.

I personally have thought about it before, and many of my patients mention the same feelings.

In the past these were just idle thoughts, but thanks to modern advances it’s actually becoming possible.

Penis extenders are medically approved devices that really can increase the size of your penis with regular use.

I picked out 4 of the most effective to help you figure out what the best penis extender for men is.

Before we dive into the actual products, let’s discuss some important points about this topic.

Our Pick:

Our experts have chosen Quick Extender Pro as the best overall pick this year. This device is great for extending and straightening the penis, and most men find it very comfortable.

Quick Extender Pro

What are Penis Extenders?

These are pretty easy to understand.

It’s a small device that stretches the tissue of your penis.

They attach at two points:

At the base of the penis with a small ring and to the head with straps or another attachment point.

They were originally created as medical devices to help with Peyronie’s disease and other penile issues.

Since then they’ve become a popular penis enlargement product.

Manufacturers claim that wearing them on a regular basis will permanently lengthen your flaccid penis.

How Penis Extenders Work

The real question is how do they actually work?

Guys have been stretching and pulling at their penises as long as history has been recorded.

They haven’t magically gotten larger in all that time.

What it comes down to is the constant tension applied by a penis extender.

Manufacturers are very upfront about this:

To see any real results you need to wear your extender for at least 4-6 hours a day every day.

That’s 4-6 hours a day for at least 3-6 months.

What to Expect So You Don’t Get Buyer’s Remorse

If you’re thinking about making a purchase, you need to manage your expectations.

No matter what makers of pills or pumps tell you there isn’t a way to add multiple inches to your penis.

A penis extender is capable of adding up to several centimeters to your flaccid length.

It definitely won’t take you from 4-5 inches up to 8-9 inches.

If that’s what you’re looking for with your, you will be disappointed.

Choosing Your First Penis Extender

There are several different mechanisms used in an extender.

The best one for you depends on what kind of gains you’re looking for and how you intend you wear it.


Any product you plan to use on your penis has to be safe.

Before you purchase one, make sure that it has a clean safety record.

All penis extenders require you to strap your penis into them. If done incorrectly or poorly you can cut off circulation to your penis.

That qualifies as a very bad thing.

Look for a product made using high-quality materials with professional touches.

I always recommend you get products made using materials like silicone, thermoplastic, and aluminum over cheaper versions.

They’re hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and they just look much nicer. They’re also much easier to clean and care for.

Using a penis extender should never cause pain.

If you experience any kind of discomfort or pain stop using your extender immediately and consider seeking medical attention.

Comfort and Usability

One of the most important things to remember with a penis extender is how long you’ll be wearing it.

To see any real results you’ll need to wear it everyday for at least 4-6 hours.

Look for extenders that give you many different ways to wear them.

Most will come with different attachment systems, including:

  • Straps
  • Rings
  • Bands
  • Fabric
  • Vacuum Bulbs
  • Belts

Make sure the product you’re considering has lot of options.

You don’t want to buy something only to find out it’s too uncomfortable to wear.

You should also consider the size and shape of your extender.

Some models are discreet enough you can even wear them under your pants while out and about.

Another piece of advice:

Be absolutely sure anything that’s going to be pressed against your penis for hours a day is made from hypoallergenic materials.

Effectiveness and Strength

Remember, these work by applying constant tension to your penis.

Most models use a system of springs to stretch your penis and can be adjusted for comfort and growth. In most cases this will be listed as grams of tension.

Powerful models can apply up to several thousand grams of tension at maximum stretch.

I know it’s tempting to jump right in, but please don’t start out at maximum strength.

Not only will you not get results, you could seriously injure your penis.


If you want a high-quality model, you have to be ready to pay for it.

Entry level models are generally above $100 and top of the line ones can cost up to $1,000.

For most guys you can get a really good system for around $200 or so.

Remember though, this is an investment.

Don’t skimp if you’re serious about results.

The Best Penis Extenders for Men

Below is a list of the top performing extenders this year:

  1. Quick Extender Pro
  2. SizeGenetics Ultimate System
  3. PeniMaster Pro
  4. Phallosan Forte

1. Quick Extender Pro

Quick Extender Pro

If you’re looking for serious gains over the long haul, look no further than the Quick Extender Pro.

It provides you with the greatest tension of any high-quality penis extender on the market.

Key features of the Quick Extender Pro include:

  • Unique double strap system for comfort and additional tension.
  • Industry leading 4000 grams of tension.
  • 6 month money back guarantee.
  • Includes memory foam comfort pads for easier wearability.
  • Fully adjustable tension through exchangeable springs.
  • Accommodates penises up to 16 inches in length.

The Quick Extender Pro is just about the strongest model available.

It uses a double strap system with memory foam comfort pads that allow you to apply the maximum recommended tension.

They’re designed to encourage regular circulation even when fully strapped down.

The spring arms can be adjusted to apply up to 4000 grams of force during your daily extension.

It’s built from lightweight aluminum struts to reduce the overall weight.

This, combined with its silicone comfort straps, makes it easier to wear during those long sessions.

Quick Extender also offers a 6 month money back guarantee on their products.

2. SizeGenetics Ultimate System

SizeGenetics Ultimate System

The SizeGenetics Ultimate System is a clinically tested unit that tries to be the most comfortable extender on the market.

It uses a highly adaptable system designed to make it easier to wear all day long. Important features include:

  • Provides up to 2800 grams of tension.
  • Comes in a handsome leather case.
  • Incredible 58 way comfort system.
  • Registered medical type one device.
  • Includes access to the SizeGenetics exercise and training video library.
  • Backed by a double money back guarantee.

The SizeGenetics ultimate system is designed to fit any penis comfortably.

It uses a unique set of rings, straps, clips, and other connectors to firmly secure your penis to the device.

Once you’ve found the attachment method you prefer the tension rods themselves actually adjust to the geometry of your penis.

Many men using these are trying to help deal with curves brought on by Peyronie’s disease.

The ability to adjust the position of the extender based on so many variables makes it much easier to use regularly.

SizeGenetics is so confident in their product they offer a double money back guarantee.

They’ll refund you twice what you paid for if you don’t see any gains within 120 days.

You have to follow their instructions and wear the system for at least 5 hours a day every day during that period.

3. PeniMaster Pro

The PeniMaster Pro is designed to be an ultra comfortable extender for long-term wear.

It uses a combination of vacuum pressure and a locking ring to gently yet firmly attach to the head of your penis.

Key features include:

  • Usable with both tension rods and a belt system.
  • Can be vacuumed manually or with a pump bulb.
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
  • Anatomically self-adjusting to the position of your penis.
  • Usable on circumcised or uncircumcised penises.

The PeniMaster Pro uses a unique attachment system that provides more directional tension than other models.

Instead of being attached to the tension rods at the sides of the penis it has a single point at the tip.

This distributes the stretching force much more evenly and is significantly more comfortable over the long-term.

To get started you just insert the head of your penis into the vacuum bulb.

Once in you can easily apply a light suction pressure and slip a securing ring around your glans.

One really useful feature is the ability to attach it to a belt system instead of to the tension rods.

You can clip the belt around your waist, your knee, or over your shoulder for unobtrusive extension.

4. Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte uses a spring tension system combined with a protective sheath for your penis head.

It’s described as one of the most comfortable and effective options available.

Important features are:

  • Combination of vacuum and physical tension.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone used for all contact points.
  • Intuitive color coded tension chart.
  • Can be adjusted whenever needed.
  • Attaches to an elastic belt at the base.

The Phallosan Forte uses an interesting design that combines features of penis pumps and extenders.

Putting it on your penis involves both a small vacuum pump area and a comfortable silicone head protector.

This helps you increase the size of your head and your shaft simultaneously.

Opening up the package you have a lot of available decisions. There’s a small sizing card to help you get started and an elastic belt you need to wear with it.

Once you’ve figured out how to get it on you’ll notice something important right away.

If you’ve ever used an extender you’ve probably realized you can’t move or sit in some positions while wearing them.

I was shocked at how freely I could move around with the Phallosan Forte.

You can sit comfortably and get up without having to constantly adjust yourself.

The manufacturer even says that it can be worn comfortably and safely overnight.

All in all an innovative product that was well put together and extremely comfortable.

Before You Start Extending….

It’s really difficult to pick a single winner.

Unlike with toys, a penis extender is something you wear every day.

It has to be absolutely comfortable and safe no matter what.

What it comes down to is that what one guy finds heavenly could provide a truly hellish experience for someone else.

Like in any field though, one name eventually rises to the top.